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2010, So Far

How’s 2010 been so far you ask?


Last summer I lost my job at eBay — and I stressed over it.  Six months into a new job and I find myself immersed in the daily grind of it all.  I stress over being late or unprepared for meetings.  Sometimes, both.  I twitch when the red light on my BlackBerry flashes.  And, I eat too many things that come in foil wrappers.  But it’s all good, right?  It’s good to be productive and know that those new pair of jeans aren’t going to break the bank.  But if you’ve been reading my blog and are a sentient being of recent world events, the first few days of this year have been an abrupt, sobering wall of reality wrapped in an enigma.

While I spin over unanswered emails and travelers bitch about the tighter security at airports, others are looking for their family members amidst the rubble.  It’s tragic. Life.

As I was wrapping up a very late conference call with one of our international offices, I found myself surfing Facebook.  Subconsciously looking for something to feel good about and ran across this story from my home town of and it made me feel good to read about how my community has rallied around a fallen friend and neighbor.   I didn’t know Rich very well.  In fact, if he saw me today he’d probably struggle to remember we went to high school together.  But everyone who knew him in school cherished their friendship and time with him.  I hope his family finds some peace in the coming months and years.

– Jose Mallabo

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Today someone in my family passed away.  I’ll likely never be able to accept that someone so young and wonderful can be taken like this so I am trying to find the resolve to stay focused on the fun we had together as kids.   And, for how thankful I am to have known her.

Thanks for being like another big sister to me. I am saddened by your passing and I will always miss you, Vina.

– Jose Mallabo

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