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Katharine Ross / Kate Mara

I always thought that if Kathy Bates and James Coco had a kid together, it’d be Nathan Lane with a deeper voice.  But as I watched The Graduate for the 5th time I couldn’t help but ask who Katharine Ross would have to procreate with to create her carbon copy in Kate Mara.

Katharine Ross of The Graduate and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid fame

Kata Mara from movies Neve Campbell would've done 10 years ago

The question is can human beings spore?

– Jose Mallabo

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Men and stuff

Not too long ago I could get out of the house with just a wallet and my keys. As I was getting out of my car at work trying to balance my coffee and almond croissant on my notebook while reaching into my car to grab all the other must haves it hit me — why the fuck do I have all this shit?

Wallet.  Keys.  Notebook.  Laptop bag jammed with pens and other computer stuff.  Beverage and an over priced, over sugared piece of dough.  Oh, and clunk that’s my BlackBerry hitting the asphalt.  It’s ok if that breaks, I have another.  My sister at 18 brought less stuff with her to a party than the booty I was lugging.

Is this what we’ve come to? Murse-toting men with rolled up pant legs?

Going camping?

While driving, our directions are automated by a computer whose lovely voice is second only to Sarah McLachlan’s.  To hear that soothing ooh la la voice, my sedan is sound dampened to make sure I can hear every enunciation of her digital voice.

My pretty voice soothes your manly aches

My pretty voice soothes your manly aches

The navigation came with the car.  It was used.  I didn’t really ask for it.  And all this crap — it’s for work.  I’m still the wallet and keys minimalist tough guy from the 80s.  And tomorrow I’ll prove it by changing the oil in my motorcycle and maybe digging a hole in the ground with a pick axe.

Finally at my desk.  Now where the hell did I leave my hand moisturizer?  I’m all chaffed from the typing.

– Jose Mallabo

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