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I was in the middle of an inane, but probably funny diatribe about Silicon Valley cubicle life with a co-worker over a carnitas burrito bowl at Chipotle when he simply blurted: “donkey.” God, Chipotle really is a typical California strip mall kind of eatery that when I’m not there fits in my mental video reel that plays as part of the opening scene of Weeds season 1 or 2.

I bet Agrestic has a Chipotle

Mario wasn’t calling me a donkey, but as it turns out there was one behind me in the street pulling a woman in what I can only call a buggy.  Which really makes me say, really, a donkey?  In Mountain View — the land of the imported German car that costs more than what its owner has in the the bank — a fucking donkey?

I’ve seen cows walking the streets of India and rats the size of large guinea pigs sprinting past $500 Allen Edmonds oxfords on the streets of Manhattan, but for some reason a burro sighting while eating a burrito at a faux Mexican restaurant is blog worthy.

Eight more years and I'll be old and stuffy enough to wear these -- which means I'm still working. What a depressing thought.

Elaine Benes has her sponge.  I have my burro sighting.

Yadda, yadda, yadda…it’s Wednesday and we’re talking about Speedo’s at work.

– Jose Mallabo

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