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I Googled myself

Yea, so what?! So, I just Googled myself.  It’s the modern day version of looking up your name in the white pages. Only better!

Navin R. Johnson. 1 listing in the white pages.

Unlike our boy Navin, when I Googled myself as ‘jose mallabo ebay’ i pulled up 1.4 million hits.  Since you asked, most of those hits were as a spokesperson for the ecommerce company.  I scrolled through some of them and ran across this gem of a story on the CNET Blog from 2008.

There was lots of hub-bub about a strike and all the Valley media were jumping all over themselves to cover this “weeklong” boycott.  Hmm.  There was no boycott. The only thing that happened for a week was me explaining that there was no boycott.  Here’s the lesson learned: don’t believe everything you read. Especially on a blog.

We’re all just sitting home in our underwear watching re-runs of Love American Style. Yea, I’m that old. Just Google it.

– Jose Mallabo

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Shannon Brown: All you all, get in my poster!

I grew up on heavy doses of Dr. J, Michael Cooper, #23, Larry Nance, Clyde Drexler and Dominique Wilkins throwing it down.

All those guys were great but all of them were over 6′ 6″ tall.  I’d argue that Shannon Brown is the best in game dunker among all of them.  He’s 6′ 1″ and unlike other shorter dunkers in the NBA can get up and throw down in traffic with power.

Look at the rim down there.

Don’t believe me?  Get some here.

– Jose Mallabo