My Name is Jose

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Loosely translated, Mallabo means murky in English. More or less. This blog started as sort of a one-man panel searching for clarity through a jagged collection of personal questions, rants and raves about work, life and Larry David-like moments. But over time I’ve modified it to talk more about my work in marketing, PR and social media, and sometimes I’ll dabble in areas around my current startup Vireo Labs.

After eBay Inc. acquired GSI commerce in 2011, I spent a lot of time ramping up my start up Tweetalicious. We didn’t quite get over the hump but that journey was amazing. From 2013 to early 2015 I jumped into the higher education space and moved to the South where I’ve really enjoyed living life.  (To my friends in the Northeast: You don’t have to shovel humidity.)

Right now, I’m spending more time consulting and working on select projects with entrepreneurs doing interesting work that they believe can change the world. There’s something inspiring just being around people who start their days with a powerful statement masked as a question: “Why not?”

For a quick look at my work with LinkedIn, eBay and Ketchum wrapped in my point of view of where PR is headed please take a few minutes to skim through my Slide Share below.


If you have a project and need some marketing and PR assistance connect with me on LinkedIn or email me at I’m happy to talk with you.