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Driving in the 215

Last year I drove at least 40,000 miles insufferable miles in California. Probably triple of the average person driving in Eastern Pennsylvania. In fact, when you factor in my air miles I’m probably responsible for a 2.5% of the Texas-sized hole in the Ozone Layer. Cut to the quick — I know my way behind the wheel and on the road. Like water I pride myself on getting places.

Presidents or not, don't bother looking for these in the 215

But one month back in the Philadelphia area and I need to be a good citizen and forewarn would-be visitors to get your Garmins now or stay put. Street signs here are nearly non-existent.  And if they exist at all, they’re likely behind a hugely overgrown tree — that you need to pass (along with the actual turn) in order to see the sign.

I think they want you to feel lost so you’ll make your way back to New Jersey or New York and leave the Liberty Bell for those truly committed to finding it.  I’ve resigned myself to driving aimlessly but very aggressively through the many “76” highways here that seem to intertwine like two snakes French kissing. I think the boorishness of my driving is welcomed. Text messaging while driving is kind of treated like pot is in Amsterdam — we know you’re going to do it, just do it here.

In fact, with the lack of a helmet law I almost feel like the governor is encouraging motorcyclists to make calls like to local friends asking: “What the hell is the blue route? Is that the 276?”

– Jose Mallabo

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