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Because your back pack should not break your back: A gift for me

I have a lot of bags.

Travel bags for travel.

Travel bags for my motorcycles.

Backpacks, messenger bags and traditional laptop bags that get stuffed with my laptop, iPad, Kindle, Motorola Droid and BlackBerry and all of their individual chargers whenever I go more than 100 miles away from home. (It’s 2011 and still no universal chargers on our horizon – I sigh with Martha Stewart’s 2006 vent.)

As I sit here with a crick in my neck from falling asleep while reading my Kindle, I know full well I’ll be buying a slim, light back pack as a Christmas gift for myself this year. By far this back pack from Alpinestars is my favorite in my current fleet of bags.

Its shoulder straps and chest harness are ergonomically correct and keep your all of your junk in place. It holds a 15” laptop with ease and is fairly water resistant. I road 400 miles on my Triumph through the entrails of Hurricane Irene with my laptop and gear in there – they stayed drier than the rest of me. The best part is the contoured and padded backing that makes wearing it feel like a gentle hug from your grand mom.

The drawback: You kind of look like a character from “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome” when you’re not on your bike.

No doubt people will be going to Best Buy and Apple to find gifts for their families this Christmas and holiday season. How about a bag for that gear instead? Check out this round up of slim bags. The site loads rather slowly so you might want to pour a cup of coffee and come back.

I really like the look of this Everki back pack largely because of its dedicated slot for a Kindle or iPad. But, alas doesn’t want to load . . . to the Amazon!

-Jose Mallabo

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Dear BestBuy: #@$%!*9!?”

Dear BestBuy:

If you’re going to cancel my Christmas orders that I paid extra shipping to get well in advance of Christmas, please do me the kind favor of giving me at least 1 day’s notice before canceling it with no explanation.

I'm thinking that BestBuy's customer service is run by U.S. Airways

That order confirmation email you sent right after I plugged in my credit card information, led me to believe you were actually going to send me the product I paid my hard-earned money for.  There’s this thing in post-industrial society we like to call customer service. Let me go slowly. . . c-u-s-t-o-m-e-r. . . s-e-r-v-i-c-e.

If there's an alternative intepretation for "order being processed" and "estimated delivery date" I'd like to know. Stupid me.

You have my phone number. My email addresses (both of them.) You have my credit card info.  That’s more than my family has on me. Pick up that square thing on your desk and dial my number so I can at least try to fix it.

Instead, I’ll be finishing up my shopping at a Walmart or Target store tonight.

Thanks for nothing, WorstBuy.


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