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Gloria Allred calls Meg Whitman a Liar

I’ve had my head in the sand the past few weeks.  Sue me. But just don’t call me a liar in that cherry red blazer, Ms. Allred.

Now that I’m outside of California, the only source I have for the California mudslinging otherwise known as the gubernatorial race between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown is YouTube and clips on the Internet.

Is she a liar?  Watch this clip and you tell me.

Gloria Allred giving her the business

But as a legal immigrant and naturalized citizen, I have to call bullshit on Ms. Allred calling Diaz a hero. My dad is a hero. He immigrated here in the 70s — and brought his family in tow and went through years of red tape to become US citizen.

I believe everyone has the right to find happiness and pursue the American dream. I’m sure Diaz Santillan is a hard working woman who deserved better than getting dragged through the political mud as a pawn. But, let’s not make her a martyr or spokesperson for all Hispanic women.

There’s a long line of Americans that stand in front of her who deserve that attention.

– Jose Mallabo

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