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3 things that don’t matter to the unemployed

3. Dry cleaning. Outside of damp, chilly days in November there’s no reason to wear wool. Except for at work. With the U.S. unemployment rate still clawing at double digits, sheep everywhere are fist bumping and hoping mutton never becomes a universal delicacy.

Take the unemployment check and leave us be, please

Take the unemployment check and leave us be, please

2. The latte. Don’t agree? Just look at Starbucks’ performance over the past year. They brought back Howard Schultz to right the ship, but the company that made coffee both mainstream and exclusive still reported a net earnings drop of more than $83 million.

1. Saturdays. To the guy sorting through hourly, Saturdays are what Mondays are to people with jobs. Stores are crowded as everyone is off from work trying to get shopping done.  I once heard that Wednesday is the most heavily trafficked day of the week. Makes sense, only the dense or truly sick call in sick mid-week. So while the workforce is busy trying to stimulate the economy, the 9 percent not working are home cheering you on so they can some day soon stop blogging in boxer shorts and queue up behind you for a $4 coffee and wonder if that wool suit you’re wearing was off the rack or tailor-made. Until then, Wednesdays are my new Saturdays.

– Jose Mallabo

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