I Googled myself

Yea, so what?! So, I just Googled myself.  It’s the modern day version of looking up your name in the white pages. Only better!

Navin R. Johnson. 1 listing in the white pages.

Unlike our boy Navin, when I Googled myself as ‘jose mallabo ebay’ i pulled up 1.4 million hits.  Since you asked, most of those hits were as a spokesperson for the ecommerce company.  I scrolled through some of them and ran across this gem of a story on the CNET Blog from 2008.

There was lots of hub-bub about a strike and all the Valley media were jumping all over themselves to cover this “weeklong” boycott.  Hmm.  There was no boycott. The only thing that happened for a week was me explaining that there was no boycott.  Here’s the lesson learned: don’t believe everything you read. Especially on a blog.

We’re all just sitting home in our underwear watching re-runs of Love American Style. Yea, I’m that old. Just Google it.

– Jose Mallabo

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