We talkin’ about practice?

One of the most epic post game interviews ever.  Allen Iverson and practice.

Iverson challenges the media's question. God love it.

A lot of people think Iverson is a thug. Who knows?  Who cares? I don’t. I just know he’s a flat out great ball player who throws his body around with abandon.  I’d pay the absurd NBA price for tickets to watch a 6′ tall guy play wall to wall for 48 minutes.

From a PR perspective he tries very hard to do what all PR people in a turnaround situation try to do — change the conversation. He makes a couple of tactical errors — largely baked in the mistake of repeating the question around ‘practice’ in his answer, not once but over and over — but God love his approach.  If not, I do.  Challenge the damned question and don’t roll over to an uninformed missive pointed your way.

That said….

Are we really talking about the iPad?  It’s a tablet PC.  A tablet PC.  We talkin’ about a tablet?  Not a game.  Not a real PC.  A tablet?

As Allen would say, ‘c’mon man!?’ It’s a tablet.

Let’s call a duck a duck.  The only reason that people are taking what would be a chubby BMW car payment and putting it into an oversized iPhone, is because its design is pretty slick, not because they really need it.  It’s frightening to me that in an economy like this where California still has an unemployment rate that is second only to Michigan’s, people are dropping stupid money into a toy they don’t really need.  What would that money do for something really worthy? Like rebuilding Haiti or something closer to home, like rebuilding the hideous Interstate 880 freeway that looks like something a 3rd world country would be proud of (barely)?

These 2 iPads will go right next to the 2 Betamax players I bought from Crazy Eddie's

People. We talkin’ about practice? We talkin’ about a tablet? This device will not make you taller and it will not serve as a proxy for having a personality that makes you more attractive (except for in certain parts of San Jose).  It will not fill that chasm in your lifeless overworked lives.  You’ll need humanity for that.


– Jose Mallabo

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    Euphemism = Product Marketing

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